Enjoy Lahoris

 Enjoy Lahoris

The People of Lahore is say you can never get tired of strolling the streets of lahore. There aer many famous places in lahore. There is always something new to discover.There aere 13 gates that leads in to the city. Old lahore is a walled city by akbar, akbar built massive wall to fortify his capital against their enemy in the 1980s. Hire a tour guide for just 500 rupees ($6.5) and check out the gates, Alamgiri Gate, which was built with wide steps for elephant processions, and which leads into lahore fort, Visit the maqbara of Noor jaha
Near maqbara of shahshah akbar and sheesh mahal or palance of mirrors, a lavish room whose walls and ceiling are covered with thousands of small, colored mirrors. Get there early morning to avoid the throngs of tourists and locals. Afterwards, duck into the grand Lahore Museum, the country,s oldest, and wander around its display cases. some features include mughal miniatures os shah jahan dating back to the 17th Century, the fasting buddha, and gold coins dating from alexander the great,s time, Don,t miss the gallery of ceiling painting ina swirl of bright color by well Known-pakistani painter Sadequain.

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