Lahore Airport Allama Iqbal International Airport

Lahore Airport Allama Iqbal International Airport

At the abstraction of the activity of Pakistan, Author Aerodrome was Lahore's important field. When Pakistan Global Airlines (PIA) acquired jet aircraft much as Boeing 720s, however, Author was unable to handgrip the bigger bomb. The Governance of Pakistan thus definite to flesh a form new airfield, which opened in 1962 as Lahore Global Airdrome and was healthy to interact aircraft as spacious as the Boeing 747.

Over the instruction of the close 25 years the obligation for air movement rosaceous. It meant that the authorities definite to create a new class separate airdrome to receive the growing needs for the rising and meliorate the facilities for its passengers since the old field was decent superannuated. In 2003, "Allama Iqbal Transnational Field" was inaugurated and is now the 2nd largest airdrome in Pakistan. All flights were switched to the new airfield and the old airfield was passed onto the militaristic. Nonetheless, during the Hajj stop, the old airdrome is used as a Pilgrimage Pole by the nationalistic bearer, PIA.


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