history of lahore

Lahore is divided into two parts: Old Lahore and New Lahore. Old Lahore is the historical part.And New Lahore is New families and making more buildings in lahore.  The Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, and the Sikh Gurdawara, frequented by Emperor Ranjit Singh, are situated in this area. The lanes around these monuments are dotted with centuries old havelis, or traditional mansions, that despite their dilapidated facades, provide a rich look at the intricate architecture under the Mughals.
The crumbling alleyways and narrow, dusty streets are full of open sewers and heaps of trash but they are also where the real spirit of Lahore resides. In any street, you will find a congestion of motor rickshaws and bicycles standing bumper to tire, street urchins selling their wares to unsuspecting tourists at exorbitant prices, beggars with tin cups offering praise to Allah, horns and oaths, fruit stalls with flies, paan shops with small transmitter radios blasting the latest Hindi movie songs, and many, many men, who lean against the beetle-nut stained walls or sit on their haunches, puffing on a beedi, a local hand-rolled cigarette, as they watch the world go by.

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