Solar Hot Water

 Solar Hot Water

In the 1890s solar irrigate heaters were state victimized all over the Consolidated States. They proven to be a big betterment over club and coal-burning stoves.
Artificial gas made from coal was available too to heat water, but it cost 10 times the price we pay for natural gas today. And electricity was even more expensive if you even had any in your town!
Many homes used solar water heaters. In 1897, 30 percent of the homes in Pasadena, just east of Los Angeles, were equipped with solar water heaters. As
mechanical improvements were made, solar systems were used in Arizona, Florida and many other sunny parts of the United States. The picture shown here is a
solar water heater installed on the front roof of a house in Pomona Valley, California, in 1911 (the panels are circled above the four windows).

By 1920, ten of thousands of solar water heaters had been sold. By then, however, large deposits of oil and natural gas were discovered in the western United States. As these low cost fuels became available, solar water systems began to be replaced with heaters burning fossil fuels.
Today, solar water heaters are making a comeback. There are more than half a million of them in California alone! They heat water for use inside homes and
businesses. They also heat swimming pools like in the picture.
Panels on the roof of a edifice, equal this one on the aright, contain h2o wind. When the sun hits the panels and the wind, the sunshine warms them. That warmed food can then be utilised in a swim association.

 Solar Hot Water

 Solar Thermal Electricity

 Solar Cells or Photovoltaic Energy


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