What Is Electricity?

What Is Electricity?
electricity is an unseen spring of life,which is stored in electrons and protons.These are the tiny particles in atoms,which make up all matter.Energy is created when there is an spatiality of negatively emotional
electrons and positively charged protons.Current electricity is made up of moving electrons which travel through wires.In static electricity the electrons remain still.Electricity is a powerful and useful source of energy.but it can also be very dangerous.

Electricity was first discovered by the ancient Greeks,about 2,000 years ago.A Greek scientist called Thales noticed that a piece of amber (the hard fossilized sap from trees)attracted or feathers when he rubbed it with a cloth.The word "electricity" comes from the Greek word for amber-"elektron".
In 1600,William GilbertWillian Gilbert
,a doctor to Queen Elizabeth I of
England,was the first person o use this word "electric".He carried out experiments and discovered that materials such as diamond,glass and wax behaved in a similar way to amber.

The Sun and other other stars send out radio waves through space.They are a form of electrical and magnetic energy which travel through space at the speed of light.They are picked up by huge dishes called radio telescopes.The radio waves are changed into electrical signals that give astronomers information about distant galaxies.


A particle accelerator is used for research into atoms.By smashing atoms together,scientists have discovered over 200 particles,even smaller than atoms.Abeam of electrons is an electron microscope enlarges objects to millions of times of their size.

In fluorescent lights,an electric current makes gas glow.Neon gas makes red light,sodium gas yellow light,and mercury gas makes blue light.

Most animals rely on electrical signals which provide them with information about their environment and control the way their body works.A network of nerve cells collects the information and sends out instructions.Invertebrates such as an octopus have simple nerve nets.

Human have more complex systems.The brain has an intricate network of nervous tissue.Our brain buzzes with tiny electrical signals,which trigger our heartbeats,to make our muscles move and sustain our body processes.

Static electricity,used inside photocopiers and paint-spraying machines,can be generated by rubbing different together.You can test materials for static charges,
which are either positive or negative.Opposite charges attract things like charges repel things.Experiment by rubbing different materials such as paper,plastic,metal,wood,and rubber with a cloth.

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