Hydropower facts

Hydropower facts

Hydropower is the most meaningful renewable spirit shaper.

Hydropower is the exclusive renewable doe inspiration that is in few amount competitive with fossil fuels.

Hydropower is the oblige of sprightliness of afoot wet.

Hydropower is clean renewable energy source that doesn't pollute environment.

Hydropower uses the Earth's water cycle to generate electricity because movement of water as it flows downstream creates kinetic energy that can be then converted into electricity.

Hydropower doesn't pollute the air but construction and work of the dams can affect natural water systems and also affect wildlife and fish population.

Hydropower generates in the USA about nine percent of total energy supply.
Hydropower - Dam (click on picture for full size).

Hydropower's air emissions are negligible because there are no fuels burned.

Hydropower requires the use of dams which can alter river ecosystems.

Hydropower use needs to be carefully balanced with preservation of ecosystems that are altered by changes of water flow.

Hydropower can't be used in all areas because it needs fast flowing water throughout whole year.

Hydropower is very efficient energy source because some turbines can achieve efficiency of 95 % and more.

Hydropower today provides about 20 % of the world's electricity and is the main energy source for more than 30 countries.

Hydropower's advantage over other renewable energy sources is the fact that average rainfall is highly predictable and therefore output is reliable and river flow doesn't fluctuate from minute to minute like is the case with wind energy.

Hydropower is renewable energy source that doesn't cause global warming because it doesn't releases dangerous greenhouse gases.

Hydropower produce no air pollutants that cause acid rain and smog.

US hydropower map (click on picture for full size).

Hydropower has been exploited for millenia.

Hydropower can have negative ecological impacts, especially on fisheries and water ecosystems, this especially applies to large-scale hydropower.

Hydropower's installations can act as the barrier to fish movements and can kill or damage fish population.

Hydropower is the least expensive renewable energy source in the USA.

Hydropower's large-scale projects are criticized for altering river ecosystems, killing fish and affecting the water quality.

Hydropower needs more researching in order to decrease its negative environmental impacts on river ecosystems.

Hydropower in USA is used especially in the northwestern United States .

Hydropower's primary use is to produce electricity.

Hydropower can also be used for water supply, flood control, irrigation and even recreation purposes.

Hydropower accounts for 70 % of produced electricity in northwestern United States.

Hydropower can be used anywhere in the world where there's falling water.

Hydropower - working principle (click on picture to enlarge).

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