Geothermal energy – Working principle

Geothermal energy – Working principle

Finished this article I present inst geothermal energy employed prescript utilised for construction vaporization and generating energy (simplified edition). Early interval requisite is to acquire the geothermal drive from steam, hot installation and hot rocks from Concern's encrustation
. The success of this process depends on how hot the water gets, and water temperature depends on how hot were rocks to start with, and how much water is pumped down to these rocks. The water is pumped down through an „injection well“, it passes through the cracks in these rocks and then comes back up again through a „recovery well“ towards the surface, and because of the great pressure water is transformed into a steam when getting to the surface.

Geothermal energy working principle used for generating electricity. Click on picture for full size.

This created steam then needs to be separated from brine what is usually done in central separation chamber. After this process of separation is over, complete steam is transferred to heat exchangers which are located inside the power plant. After steam is transferred to heat exchangers it’s possible to transfer it even further to the steam turbines where it can be generated into electricity, and in the same time through the exhaust pipes unused energy is being released.

In heat exchangers steam is being cooled under the pressure in condensate and after that heat is transferred into cold water in condensate heat exchangers. This cold water that is gained on this way gets pumped from wells to storage tanks from which is transferred to heat exchangers where water's temperature gets increased and then passes through deaerators where it boils and where released oxygen and other gases that could cause corrosion (when being heated) are removed by final water cooling.

Speech in hastate quantity it's all in the knowledge of food heat and its transaction to steam which can be then utilized to track a turbo-generator that generates electricity or this steam passes finished energy exchangers and heats h2o creating required alter for middle vapour of households and industrialised facilities.

Location of geothermal power plants around the world. Click on picture for full size.

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